What we learned at Irvine Welsh’s book launch


“Is it paedophiles, junkies or lesbians today?” This is the question in the waking mind of literary rock star Irvine Welsh, who is on a world tour to promote his latest novel, provocatively titled The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins.

His first book written from a female perspective, ‘Sex Lives’ is set in Miami and follows the lives of two very different women whose paths collide in the dramatic opening (crime) scene. Lucy Brennan is an aggressive, calorie-counting personal trainer; her more gentle counterpoint is the needy, overweight artist Lena Sorensen. They’re a world away from Trainspotting’s Renton and Begbie, but Filth fans needn’t worry, even in health-crazy Miami, the servings of depravity have not been put on a diet.

We met Irvine backstage at his public book launch and joined him and his eclectic group of friends for an after party at cosy private members club Blacks in Soho. Here’s what we learned:

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