Refinery29: Rejina Pyo, designer profile

Rejina wasn’t ready to give up. “I felt like I hadn’t given everything yet,” she says, “I felt I had to give it a go, but properly, the way that I should be doing [it]. Not trying to tick boxes [for the sales agents], but just doing what I felt is right.” There were colours she wanted to use that the agents had warned against, saying they were difficult to pair with skin and hair colours. Rejina stopped working with them, and resolved to give it one last shot. “I said to my husband, ‘Right, okay, I just want to make a collection that I want to wear, that my friends want to wear’. Not really caring about [the colour rules], just doing whatever I want, to give it a go and see what happens,” Rejina says. At this point, she was four months pregnant with their son Luka, and there was a feeling of ‘now or never’. In the spirit of trying new things, she moved the Spring Summer 17 show from London to New York; and the rest, as we know, is history.

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