Refinery29: Dilara Findikoglu’s unearthly fashion spectacle

Moving into the next room, Dilara explains that the model standing among plants growing inexplicably from the floor represents the future, situated within a room that looks to the past. “It’s my own conflict, [but it’s] everyone’s conflict. I’m quite nostalgic, but I’m also curious about the future and how I can develop my own work with more futuristic and modern things,” Dilara explains. The model is wearing a voluminous baby blue bubble dress with ruched sleeves. So is the future kind of big, and blousy? I ask. “I want the future to be maximalist!” Dilara says. “If you look at historical references and photoshoots from the ’20s and ’60s, [where] they imagine the 2000s, it looks incredible, futuristic, and big! But we just wear jeans and T-shirts now, which is quite upsetting. My future is [maximalist]!”

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