The Face: Gucci’s trippy timewarp to ancient Rome

A dramatic, Bob Mackie-inspired black feather and crystal headdress crowned the first model out, leading a parade of characteristically eclectic and eccentric characters. There were flower children in ’70s peasant skirts; chic geek cord flares and jazzy knits; floral gowns (hiding Mickey Mouse illustrations amid the foliage); sequin swim caps worn with outrageous sunglasses that recalled Rocky Horror’s Unconventional Conventionalists; nun’s wimples; retro sportswear; Roman coin jewellery; and the most beautifully draped, stone white toga coats.

Importantly, the countercultural references were paired with urgent contemporary statements: a yellow T-shirt was emblazoned with the Chime For Change logo, a global campaign for gender equality supported by Gucci; and a date printed across ecclesiastic capes – 22.05.1978, known in Italy to represent the signing of Statute 194, the “law for the social protection of motherhood and the voluntary interruption of pregnancy” – sent a clear pro-choice message to the denizens of the Vatican City next door.

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