Diane Pernet: How to become a perfume genius


Diane Pernet by lan Gelati

It’s hard to name a job in fashion Diane Pernet hasn’t taken in her shadowy stride. In the 80s, she had her own fashion label in New York, in the 90s, she was a costume designer in Paris and then a fashion editor at Joyce, Elle and French Vogue. She started her eclectic fashion blog A Shaded View On Fashion in 2005 and explored photography and filmmaking, before launching the pioneering A Shaded View On Fashion Film (ASVOFF) festival in 2008. Now she’s turned her nose to the olfactory scene, creating a collection of four fragrances with art perfumer Celso Fadelli. We caught up with Pernet ahead of the launch and bottle signing at Liberty during London Fashion Week to discover the process behind creating a signature scent.

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