The dA-Zed guide to street style

Image by Liz Johnson-Artur

Image by Liz Johnson-Artur

From surfers to stilyagis, goths to ganguro, Josh Sims charts 100 ideas, tribes, scenes and other phenomena that have shaped street style. And ‘street style’ here is meant literally, used not to describe the highly curated and increasingly monotonous stuff of street style blogs but what people are really wearing on the street, unedited.

There are around 300 images in the book, from famous celebrity shots like Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones mincing out of Peter’s Cafe in the 60s, to iconic movie posters, record sleeves and clubnight photography. Often with books of this ilk the text is just an afterthought, a simple device used to space the images out, but Sims has collected a wealth of fascinating and often amusing anecdotes that imbue even the more obvious style ideas with fresh interest. Here we distil the best of street style into 26 hits, from A to Z.

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